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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Watch the judges like JD(Pop Shuvit), Sasi the Don, as thy pick the winner of #TwistiesSuperstarz frm the final 8!

Who’s your pick for the Twisties Superstarz?

campaign imageFantastic acts all with irresistible talent! A series of crazy performances took place during the Twisties Superstarz auditions at your local colleges and now, the final 8 outstanding acts have been chosen! Check out these final 8 Superstarz in the making, certified by our celebrity judges!

Avantguard (A.V.G)
Cheryl Koh
Heart A Tack
Rhythm Nation

You can even check out the video compilation of the Final 8’s auditions here

Find out what it takes to win the title of the Twisties Superstarz and all the inside scoop on Twisties Malaysia Facebook! Superstarz judges Nadhira, JD (Pop Shuvit), Rahul (One Buck Shot) and Sasi the Don will make their pick, so keep watch as this rising stars takes the stage!


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