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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paid Methods to Generate Web Traffic

A lot of people know that there are two main methods that could be used to increase web traffic. These methods could be paid ones and free ones. And thus before going into the details of this subject, it is necessary to clarify something. If you pay an expert to have your website optimized for search engines, then such method is considered to be paid one. Keep in mind that all paid methods refer to tactics in which you pay for the actual web traffic you get to your website.

These days, there are two main paid methods of attracting web traffic. These are pay per click advertising and pay per view advertising. Nowadays the majority of web marketers prefer pay per click advertising to market their websites. Google AdWords is one of the commonly used tools in this strategy.

One of the advantages of Google AdWords is that you could get your website to appear in the first page of search results without the need to undergo though the tedious process of search engine optimization. However the actual great thing is that the results are almost instant in that if you manage to successfully launch your internet marketing campaign, then your website will start appearing in search result pages immediately.

However, remember that this strategy can turn to be an expensive venture. One of the main disadvantages of pay per click is that you pay for all the clicks on your link even if it is from a child who was only playing around the net. And thus you will spend money on non-targeted web traffic.

Aside from this, there is a need to mention that the fate of pay per click in the nearest future is already considered. Thanks to the information available on the internet these days, online surfers are interested in high quality content. This means that the websites on Google result pages have poor content and this is one of the reasons why they have not made it to high ranks through the normal search engine optimization process.


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