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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keyword Research: What You Need to Know

By Sven Makowal

A successful internet marketing plan has its foundation based on extensive keyword research. Search engine optimization calls for appropriate keyword density for the proper indexing and ranking of your site. It is very vital because if you are aware what your prospective buyers are searching on internet, you are able to produce highly relevant and targeted content.

On the other hand, if keywords are not researched properly, nothing in the world can bring relevant traffic to your site and you don't get the expected returns on your investments. People often make the mistake of not spending enough time and effort on this most important activity in internet marketing. The search engine keyword research requires you to have a holistic approach to understand the mindset of the customers.

Here is how you can do a productive research and find relevant keywords: The most popular research tools are WordTracker and Keyword Discovery. They allow you to search for the core terms like 'sports gear' for a site that sells sports equipment. These are paid tools and obviously provide more refined results. There are some free tools as well like Google's Keyword Tool and SEO Book Keyword Tool.

A more generalized keyword selection does not really help and the site is usually lost in the crowd. Specific keywords like 'real estate agent' or getting even more specific by mentioning the region can drive more targeted traffic to the site.

It is important to identify the most popular search terms in your niche market. The keywords that receive more volume need to be given precedence over the others. But the approach should be more realistic when it comes to a highly competitive section. You should be clear about the objective of internet marketing. Your content should be relevant as per your objective and should meet the requirements of the individuals targeted for that content.

Keyword research for products and services is easier as compared to subscriptions, information and other public service themes. The idea is to develop content that is valuable to readers so identification of keywords should be such that they serve as a base for developing highly targeted information. This is the crucial element and the one that actually sets you apart from your competitors.

The major chunk of success of business in the online world revolves around efficient keyword research and if you are well organized from the beginning, you are giving yourself a very high chance of making it big.


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