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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twitter Marketing Errors that You Can't Afford to Make

Internet marketers cannot afford to ignore the power of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are many benefits to Twitter marketing, but it's important that you don't unwittingly make errors that can set you back.

Marketing on Twitter is not different from any other type of marketing. The principles are the same and the rules aren't any new. One of the most common mistakes made by new Twitter marketers is that focus more on themselves rather than keeping their focus on their followers. The bottom line is that not many people are interested in every little thing about the product you're promoting. People don't have the patience to listen to a list of all the specifics. It's important that you keep your self-importance out of all of your communications. What you can do is attempt to show them how your product will benefit them and then tell them what they'll get from it. Your prospect must understand the benefits extremely clearly. Your prospects are going to always look for what your product can do for them, even if the product is the best in the world. The whole reason you started Twitter was to make more money than you had been before. Always treat your followers as you would want to be treated. The reason Twitter is so popular is because people respect each other, and they form better bonds with one another. Just blend in with everyone else and then tell them about a new product you found and what it can do for them. Don't just go on a long diatribe about how great the product is and just talk about it naturally as you just found a new product and wanted to talk about it.

When a Twitter user logs into Twitter, he or she isn't expecting to get serious and boring tweets, but rather wants to socialize and have fun. You can take advantage of this as a Twitter marketing. Make sure your tweets are varied and light-hearted so people will enjoy reading them. Don't keep tweeting about the same thing over and over. This is a sure shot recipe to bring down your subscriber count. Being dry will only backfire in the long run and make your followers quit you. Add some real spice to your tweets and keep looking out for interesting information that you can share with your followers. This is part of a long term strategy that will end up bringing you more prospects and sales. Use Twitter wisely, but at the same time don't forget to make it fun.

If you're just starting out with Twitter marketing, you might make the mistake of finding targeted followers, before you even have any activity on your own Twitter page. In order to effectively target a certain audience on Twitter, you should first be able to show them you know something about your topic and can write about it. When your potential followers click on your Twitter page, you want them to see some relevant content there. So before you actually take up the task of growing your follower count, put in some effort to actually tweet some targeted information related to your niche, so that when they see your page, they should feel the need to follow you.

So Twitter has the ability to really get your business off the ground, but only if you act the right way and you stay away from the blunders you're now aware of.


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