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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wordpress custom landing pages

If you want to sell a product on the web than you'd better make sure you leave a good impression on your visitors, because others might steal them away from you. 

You're definitely not the only one selling this product but it depends on you whether you want to be a part of the people who do it well. 

This article is about the use and benefits of using a Custom landing page. A visitor only needs 10 seconds to make up his mind about your site so in less than two full breaths the visitor could either become a customer or he could simply exit your page. 

To make sure that he chooses the first option after those ten minutes, use a custom landing page or even a squeeze video that will win him over.

Delivering the correct information to your customer is also a very good way of impressing him and making sure that he won't click away to another site but actually make the purchase from your owns. If you want to capture your visitor's interest and curiosity, use a custom landing page or even a Sales video and make sure you make use of some smart but true slogans.

A good marketer will understand and will try to adapt to this as quickly as he can. Try not to focus only on the content of the site but on the actual design as well. A visitor who's on the look-out for any type of product will most likely buy it from a site that inspires him confidence so make sure that your site doesn't look cheap and made in a hurry.

Also, do not overlook the little details as people will tend to notice them as well. These can be a serious factor in your customer eyes when it comes to deciding whether he should spend the cash or not. Simple and minimalist is the way to go and also make sure the site is easy to use.

Make no mistake, visitors will observe anything so make sure you turn that into your favor and pay attention to the details of the website. Make your site as simple and clean possible and also make sure it's easy to navigate.

The internet has many templates that you can download and personalize to fit your needs. Or if your site runs on wordpress make sure to check out the plugins that they have.


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