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Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Does Neobux Work?

Depending on your membership you get paid for viewing advertisements which are displayed by advertisers. There are also some self sponsored fixed ads. The general rate per ad you click ranges from 0.001 to 0.02 and likewise for clicks from your referrals. Check out the table below.

You will also receive 1% commissions on all purchases over $10 made by your direct referrals. As you can see in the image above you are able to rent referrals here, neobux are the ones who invented the ability to rent referrals yet do be careful at other unknown places who use this method. Neobux are for many reasons in the top ptc sites.


The rental prices for each referral per month is:
0 -> 250$0.20$0.0057
251 -> 500$0.21$0.0060
501 -> 750$0.22$0.0062
751 -> 1000$0.23$0.0065
1001 -> 1250$0.24$0.0068
1251 -> 1500$0.25$0.0071
1501 -> 1750$0.26$0.0074
more than 1750$0.27$0.0077

The renewal price is always based on the rental prices shown above and you can benefit from the following discounts depending on the renewal period you choose:

15 days30 days60 days90 days150 days240 days

The maximum amount of rented referrals that each user can have is relative to his/her type of membership/pack as follows:
Standard 300 Golden 2000 Emerald 2000 Platinum 2000 Sapphire 2500 Diamond3000 Ultimate 4000.
Note that ultimate members can use the rental queue after the normal rental limitations, in that case every referral with have a cost of 0.60 plus 0.01 for every 100 referrals the user has above the limit. This is only for rentals, the renewal prices are the same as above (initial renting prices minus your discount).
You can Use AutoPay to extend your referrals’ next payment date.

On the first click each referral makes on a given day, you’ll pay to keep him/her for an extra day. This is a fast way to keep your referrals if you don’t want to renew in higher payments. Also, you’ll save 15%.

You may recycle your rented referrals if you wish to for a price ranging from 0.04-0.08 depending on your membership/pack/time registered. Their is also an automatic recycle feature which triggers itself for referrals that haven’t clicked between 7-14 days (again depends on membership). You may prevent this from happening if you like by simply locking them.


The minimum cash-out is at $2 for your first payment and it increases by $1 until it reaches a fixed minimum of $10 where it stays. All withdrawals are processed instantly to either PayPal, Alertpay or Netteller. Check out my neobux payment proof if need be.


Well there you have it, that is indeed how neobux works; the leading paid to click site on the web if you know how to use/benefit from it. Keep in mind that you will need to click your own ads (or at least 2 ads for a 2 avg) via the servers time (server is in the USA) for credit from your referrals the following day. You will see the servers time on the advertisements page.
If your an advertiser then you might want to consider advertising here also as they value advertisers just as much as members. Not to mention they have some very handsome prices that could interest you to display your ads along with a large member base.


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