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Saturday, December 24, 2011

NEOBUX Strategies

Looking for a decent neobux strategy to help increase your income? In this strategy I will explain some procedures to get the most from neobux; you don’t have to invest yet it will speed up the whole earning process, whether your interested in renting referrals or simply want to upgrade your account.


Lets face it there is no set strategy that is going to work for everyone. Depending on what you are willing to invest plays a big part in the steps you might take. Now that you know how neobux works you might want to take into consideration that renting referrals might not work for everyone. Due to the cost of renewing referrals and how much you pay, this will decipher just how much you will make in the long term. Keep in mind also that you have to click daily (at least 1 or 2 ads) to gain maximum credit from refs – unless you have vacation days (for golden pack users) available.
I will cover 3 basic neobux strategies you might take, whilst we eliminate the obvious one where you invest nothing. If this is the case then its a given that you just click to earn and refer as many people as possible. You can then go on to rent referrals with your earnings if you wish and renew them for the highest amount of days possible (240days).  With that said lets get to the simple strategies you might take to see some decent profits at neobux.


This would work out to be the best neobux strategy. If you can invest at least $1200 from the get go after joining then you have 2 necessary options you would take. The first one being to immediately buy the ultimate pack (even if you have no referrals & provided you’ve already upgraded your membership to golden (must)) which costs $890 for the first year and $800 a year thereafter. You can rent a pack every 4 days as an ultimate member so you would do this to gain sufficient referrals (at least to cover the cost of the ultimate daily and take full advantage of the renewal discount – 1000 refs) and then renew them always for 240 days and recycle where appropriate without over doing it.
Since the amount of referrals you have determines what you pay to renew them then its highly suggested that you renew as many people as possible when you have under 1000 referrals, because as long as your under 1000 refs you will pay the absolute minimum per ref which is $1.12 (again 240 days renewal). After doing this you might go on and rent the max 4199 at ultimate or you might just want to sit at 1250 rented permanently and still take some advantage of not paying the highest amount to renew.
The other alternative is to exceed the limit of 4199 as ultimate (after you renewed as many as possible for 240 days when under 1000 refs). If you choose this strategy then it cost .60 (for initial rent) + 0.01 for every 100 refs you have above the limit. Why do this? Obviously with tons of referrals you don’t need a high avg to sustain a decent daily profit yet its going to take a lot longer to see all that ROI because you have to offset the initial renting costs from exceeding the limit to. This may arguably be the best neobux strategy to take in the long-run.


If you can invest at least $150 then I would personally upgrade to a Golden membership and rent no more than 250 referrals and then, again renew as many as possible for 240 days to take full benefit from having under 250 rented as Golden, If your confused then I’ll mention it again, see how neobux works. You could then sit at this amount or decide to get 500 referrals (pay a little more to renew thereafter but maybe your avg will still be stable). Whatever you do though don’t sit at 501 rented referrals because if you have 501 then you may aswell have 749.


If you can’t invest anymore than $50 then it would be wise to perhaps just play around and rent 100 referrals as standard and see how that goes. You would still renew for higher periods to take the most of the discount yet you should be decided in your own mind that you will be participating and clicking ads daily for some time to come.


Honestly I hardly have a neobux strategy to say the least since for me its pretty simple. I sit on 1250 rented referrals and always renew them for 240 days. I am an ultimate member and have been for nearly 2 years as of me writing this. I was also a standard and Golden member before this for about 6 months a piece. I have numerous direct referrals on top of this so I always make a daily profit,  this includes a daily profit from rented people alone.
As far as recycling goes as I’m ultimate and have the 7 day free autorecycle, I don’t do much recycling at all. Maybe once a week I recycle 30-40 users; sometimes I might do more. Personally I don’t recommend you over-recycle across any membership/pack yet it is good to decipher a decent policy and find the best for you and your current amount of refs etc.
There is no perfect recycling strategy for anyone because we are all human, and have distinct accounts. That said your avg won’t fluctuate a great deal yet you probably will need to do more “cleaning up” (without over recycling – secure a daily profit still) if you are just a Golden/Standard member.
If you have a blog in the field of ptc sites then you would promote when and where possible to bring in direct referrals across all strategies obviously. I still constantly get paid from neobux yet I don’t always upload my neobux payment proof for every single payment I receive. Yes I am obviously have a nice profit already and an account still worth quite a bit.


Well their you have it, three of the most common Neobux strategies you would take if you planned on investing some money. If you enjoyed the read then you can always subscribe to my posts by email to stay in touch. Perhaps your not a member of neobux? Want to implement a strategy? You can join neobux here if that is the case.


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