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Monday, November 12, 2012

Why A Great Website Needs SEO And Website Design

By Ping Johnson

Previously, the majority of digital firms only offer web design and development solutions. Today, we see a noticeable shift in focus. Digital marketers recognise the growing need for SEO or search engine optimisation.

Interestingly, web design should no longer be considered as an isolated factor of Internet marketing. The art of designing web pages should be fused with the art of managing website rankings in order to create a holistic approach to web development. As most web analysts say, a compelling web design should not only focus on aesthetics, it must also take into consideration SEO factors. A web design that doesn't acknowledge the importance of the behavioural patterns of search engine is likely to fall behind. After all, why have visually compelling site when it is literally overshadowed by other web sites at the top of Google SERPS? Therefore, web development has to hit the balance between being visually sound and search engine friendly.

Web design companies in Singapore easily stand out from the crowd because of their ability to find that wonderful balance of web design and SEO. Truth is, Singapore web design firms are proud of how they merge SEO and web design. Manned by expert web designers, these companies possess remarkable expertise in designing web pages. Their strong grasp of web development empowers them to select programming platforms and languages that suit the clients' needs.

The most impressive trait of these web design companies is that they can design and implement SEO at the same time. Unlike the typical design firms, Singapore web design firms pay attention to the element of SEO and keep their web designs search engine friendly. This SEO awareness empowers them to build great websites that rank well on SERPS.

Market your brand utilising a website that unifies beautiful web design and effective SEO. Contact a Singapore website design agency today and witness the results!

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