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Saturday, October 8, 2011

How To Get Highest Rate Per Click For Adsense

Yesterday as usual, I came back home from work. The first thing I did everytime I reached home was opening my desktop and checking Adsense earning. I was shocked yesterday while checking my Adsense earning, I saw there was 1 click came from my construction blog, it was $3.05 USD with the 1 click alone! I was shocked so saw that because my highest earning per click was only $1.05 USD before for this make money online blog, while I had $3.05 USD per click for construction blog yesterday.

I found out that Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense in construction niche consider is a good niche which has been making me quite a lot of clicks and earning from Adsense, I just like update it once a week and I’ll be building it properly when I have passed up my final project and report within this 2 months.

How To Get Highest Rate Per Click For Adsense
1) Organic Traffic
In order to get more higher rate per click for your Adsense, the first thing is traffic, not direct traffic but organic traffic, the traffic which comes from search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN. If you have no traffic, how are you going to get clicks and
 make more money ? In order to get more organic traffic, work hard on your backlinks and SEO. Search engine optimization in 2009 might be a little bit different with the previous few years, now content is the king! Pay some times to build up quality and unique content, it’s 100% improve your search engine ranking. It takes time, but you’ll be feeling very proud once you achieve it. Yes!

2) Location Of Visitors
I’m thinking whether it’s one of the factor. In my experience, I did keep track my traffic source and which country that all my visitors come from. I get lower rate per click for my Adsense when the day I had a lot of local visitor (MY); while I get higher rate per click for my Adsense when the day I had a lot of foreign visitor (US). So I’m thinking that you’re able to get higher rate per click if you focus on traffics from United State.



Yup, agree with that, my top CPC are coming from Aus,US and UK..easily can get 1 dollar per click..:-)

Zainal Abidin said...

The foreign bloggers especially from developed country blogged for information searching when they visit the blog with full information..they really mean to find out the information they need even they have to click our ads...

Different form malaysian bloggers...they blog just for relaxing purpose..but not all

Calvin Chiong said...

Yes! I agreed with you all! So, try harder for the foreign CPC. Wish you all get the first gold from Adsense. Cheers!

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